How to Succeed at Weight Loss for LIFE

The old adage that you need to “eat less and move more” isn’t quite accurate. If that was all there was to it more people would be losing weight.

Successful weight loss consists of three simple steps.

Step 1 – set a goal (but not just any ordinary weight-loss goal)
Step 2 – ADD special certain superfoods to your diet. Eating less doesn’t work.
Step 3 – Turn up your metabolism by doing short simple activities in a NEW way.

Step 1 – Weight Loss Goal Setting

Think of setting a weight loss goal similar to planning a vacation. There is more to it than buying a random ticket and you have to know where you are leaving from.

The first thing to do is to think big. I know that flys in the face of conventional thinking but the reason for this is to avoid the weight gain that happens when you make small goals.

For example – how many times have you set a goal to lose 10lbs or 20lbs? How many times have you succeeded? And when you did succeed, how many times did you gain the weight back?

    “Desk Exercises – How to Exercise at Work”

Incremental goal setting is good – but it has it’s place.

Be honest and decide what number do you REALLY want to see on the scale? If that means you would have to lose a total of 100 pounds – then that is your big goal. NOW we can break it into smaller goals.

Weight loss isn’t the ONLY goal you need to set either. To be successful adding a “clean diet” and “Exercise” goals are necessary. This is because you cannot reach a big goal or maintain it if you don’t live and eat as the healthy person you will be at that weight.

One of the main issues with having “weight loss” as the ONLY goal is it is quite common to starve or do other unhealthy things in order to meet that goal. This is one of the main reasons why so many will just re-gain any lost weight.

Included in this part is a time period.

Now the incremental goal will look like this. Lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks while doing “this exercise” program and eating “that healthy diet”.

Now you KNOW how you are going to achieve your goal and it won’t be all about just the weight but overall health.

If you spend a day or two cheating off your healthy meal plan then you won’t be surprised that you didn’t lose weight – but more importantly – you won’t starve yourself to meet that goal because that isn’t part of the plan.

At the end of the 6 weeks if you met your goals – then set another goal to lose another increment of weight and add to your healthy diet and exercise program.

You can also include such goals as smaller clothing sizes and body fat percentage.

The Daily Journal

Awareness is the key to changing any habit. By tracking everything you will be able to figure outwhat is working for you. Another great thing about recording your activities is seeing how much you are truly accomplishing. It’s fun to look over your progress and feel good about your success.

How to Weight Yourself

Weight gain and loss isn’t going to show up accurately on the scales every single day. The reason for this is because of everything from where the moon is in its phase to the amount of sodium in the eggs you ate.

Jumping on the scales every day will not be very helpful to your overall goal.

Once a week is good enough. This will give you the information you need to make adjustments or look closer at your food diary to see what changes you may need to make.

When you do weight yourself

The old style bathroom scale isn’t particularly accurate so you may want to consider a digital scale.

For optimum accuracy when you do step on the scales:
1. First thing in the morning.
2. Naked.
3. After a bowel movement.

Record your weight in your diet journal.

Step 2. Superfoods for Weight Loss

When choosing a diet program it is important to ensure you have more than just a reduced calorie diet. You need vitamins and nutrients to ensure health. The following are a list of SuperFoods that are not just healthy but will boost your metabolism and turn up your weight loss efforts.

These foods should be included.

Salmon: Served baked it will give you natural Vitamin D – super important for so many reasons. As a matter of fact Vitamin D has been linked to successful weight loss. Salmon also has Vitamin B as well as that healthy omega 3.

Tomatoes: Zippy and tasty full of antioxidants and a great source of Vitamins A & C. Raw or cooked and can be used as a topping, ingredient or anything. Very versatile.

Broccoli: Another great food raw or cooked. Excellent source of fibre, Vitamins A & C as well as folate. Perfect in a soup, salad, or side dish.

Green tea: best is the full leaf and not the bagged stuff. A wonderful source of antioxidants. Served hot or cold and you can enhance the flavour and nutrients by adding mint, lemon, or a cinnamon stick. Green tea has been noted for its ability to boost your metabolism.

Spinach: Wonderful superfood. Raw or cooked and a perfect source of the hard-to-get Vitamin K. Other vitamins are A, B & C as well as antioxidants. Spinach can go in everything.

Apples: It has been said that if you eat on small apple before a meal you will be able to enhance your weight loss efforts. Apples are a good source of fibre too. One warning about apples is – if you are going to use them for a snack, be sure to pair them up with a protein or you will find yourself feeling VERY hungry before your meal.

Walnuts: high in healthy fats so eat them sparingly. Add them to a meal or snack for a delicious source of fibre and healthy fat. Crushed over a yogourt or salad makes a yummy and healthy treat.

Oats: Very versatile source of fibre as well they have been shown to naturally reduce cholesterol. Oats can be served as a breakfast meal or a casserole topper, meatloaf filler, or added to stews.

Garlic: adding flavour to any meal and the added bonus of warding off vampires. It also reduces blood pressure and a great source of selenium which supports normal thyroid function.

Blueberries: natures little miracle. rated as being one of the greatest sources of antioxidant of all the fruits and vegetables and more than found in spices. Great in cereals, yogourts, fruit salads and smoothies.

If you are truly interested in healthy foods, the best source for information is in the book“Worlds Healthiest Foods”.

Step 3. Increase Your Metabolism

Increasing your metabolism can be done by combining the right foods with the right type of exercise and the right amount of sleep.

Sleeping is truly important to your overall health as well as your metabolism. If you aren’t getting enough sleep you will find it difficult to lose weight at the speed that you otherwise could.

Having a healthy diet that will feed your body as well as ensure you are optimizing your metabolism and fat burning abilities is very important.

This diet should have protein, iron, as well as all the superfoods and nutrients needed for a healthy new body. Some of the best diets for weight loss are diets used by healthy people that don’t need to lose weight at all.

Other aspects of a metabolism boosting diet includes choosing the right cooking oils for your health and weight loss efforts.

The most important aspect of cranking up your metabolism is by muscle development. By switching out one pound of fat for one pound of muscle you can crank up your body’s calorie burning power by 50 – 70 cal/day.

Combine strength training with cardio training and watch your fat-burning efforts skyrocket.